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Quantify Care offers a revolutionary breast cancer early detection technology that is compact, accurate, convenient, and painless

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Background on breast cancer

  • Breast cancer is one of the biggest healthcare problems for women in the U.S.

  • 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetimes

  • However, earl detection dramatically reduces the death and suffering from breast cancer:

    • If detected at stage 1: 98%+ chance of survival after 5 years, with low treatment costs​

    • If detected at stage 4: 22% chance of survival after 5 years, with very high treatment costs

Background on mammograms

  • Mammograms are the traditional breast cancer screening technology and have been essentially unchanged for 50+ years

  • >50% of US women avoid mammograms in spite of insurance coverage, because:

1. Mammograms result in painful compression of the breast

2. Mammograms have a miss rate of 21% and false positive rate of 13%

3. Mammography equipment is large and expensive (up to $500K), and so can only be deployed in intimidating and inconvenient locations like hospitals

4. Women wait on average 7-14 days for the results, which leads to anxiety

5. Because of side effects, they are only recommended for women above 50, and only once every 2 years

Quantify Care's Bexa technology

  • Quantify Care’s Bexa technology is the first effective innovation in breast cancer early detection in over 50 years, and is fully FDA-cleared and clinical trials are completed with George Washington University

  • It’s a device the size of a computer mouse connected to a tablet – not at all intimidating and highly portable

  • Because of its compact size, it can be deployed in clinics, offices, retail locations, etc.

  • Bexa exams are painless – only 1 lb. of gentle pressure on the breast (as opposed to painful compression from mammograms)

  • It has a miss rate of 11% (vs. 21% for mammograms)

  • It has a false positive rate of 4% with a concurrent ultrasound (vs. 13% for mammograms)

  • Requires only 15 minutes to complete an exam, which is performed by a trained Quantify Care ultrasound technician (does not require a doctor), and results are available immediately

  • Radiation-free with no side effects: every woman can be screened every year from any age (irrespective of if they are pregnant or have other health issues)

  • Bexa technology is effective for all women, including women with dense breast tissue

  • FDA cleared (new 510K issued in July 2019), with a dedicated CPT code (0422T)

Getting started

  • Quantify Care's Bexa technology is a great fit for retailers/ pharmacies, on-site and near-site clinics, and primary care clinics

  • Please contact us to get started

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